Great Yorkshire BullA bull must be inspected by a member of the Bull Inspection Panel BEFORE it can be registered with the Society. Bulls should ideally be inspected after they have had a chance to mature a little and show their merits. A good time to inspect a young bull is normally around 12 months old since registration cannot take place until then. Breeders wishing to register bulls should contact the Secretary, who will arrange for an inspector to visit.  The fee for inspections is £50.00 plus V.A.T., irrespective of the number of bulls seen on the visit and irrespective of the outcome of the inspection.  It is recommended that the bull inspector should also check the mother of the bull to make sure that she too meets the breed guidelines.  A breeder may appeal against the decision of an inspector, in which case a second inspection will take place by two other inspectors, thus ensuring a majority decision.  The appellant will bear the cost of the second inspection, unless the appeal is upheld.  The decision following the appeal will be final.

After the bull passes inspection a sample of hair is taken from the tail for D.N.A. analysis.  This is done by plucking (not cutting) some hairs and placing them in the bag provided, which is then posted direct to the laboratory.  The D.N.A. results are kept on file in case of future need.  D.N.A. sampling kits are available from the Secretary at a charge of £25.00 plus V.A.T.