Champions of the Decade

There might not be a Royal Highland Show this summer, but we can at least try to make up for the massive loss by having our own Champions of the Decade show with The Scottish Farmer.

In the run up to when the Highland would have been taking place, we'll be showcasing some of the best-known breeds from the catalogue in our on-line poll for a Champion of the Decade. The way it works is, we will publish the past 10 champions from a selection of breeds and you, the readers of The SF will get to pick your champion of the decade for each breed. It's a 'game' the whole family can play, as long as you each have separate e-mail addresses. All we have provided you with is the year the animal won, to keep favouritism down to a minimum – you're picking the beast, remember!

You only vote for one animal each and at the end of it, we will tally the votes up to produce a top three after which a specially selected judge will place them 1, 2, and 3. Each breed's voting page will stay open for two weeks. After each breeds has been judged, we will then move on to the inter-breeds where, again, specially chosen judges will make the difficult choice of picking an overall winner of the beef, dairy, sheep and heavy horse sections.

It's not the real thing, we know ... but it should spark some kitchen table discussions, so get voting! Sorry, but we can only accept on-line voting because of the Covid-19 restrictions.