Gilmonby Belted Galloway Herd

5th August 2017

The North of England Beltie Group visited the famous Gilmonby Belted Galloway herd this summer. This pedigree herd is owned by Paul Coppen. The isolated hill farm in Barnard Castle, County Durham, North England has been the home for his herd for about 30 years and Paul's oldest cow is 25.

The cattle here are reared naturally and slowly on a grass and hay/haylage only diet. There is minimal fertiliser use. The cattle are killed at 3-4years old and their beef has been exclusively on the menu at the oldest London restaurant 'Rules' in Covent Garden for the last 17 years. Rules, which can trace its origins back to 1798, enhances it further by hanging it for up to four weeks under controlled conditions. The restaurant began serving the beef after its head chef happened upon it in a butcher’s in Barnard Castle while on holiday.

The group had lunch in a neighbours barn and viewed whitefaced woodland sheep and then Paul's Belties, horses and vintage machinery.

Herd Visit Photos