Castle Douglas Show & Sale Report

Show Report

A good show of quality cattle was paraded before the Judge Mr Richard Wilson from the Polbae herd from Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway at the annual show and sale of Belted and White Galloway cattle at Castle Douglas on Friday 28th October 2016.

Only one cow and calf was forward for the show but was not lacking in quality and this was Saltway Zara from HM O’Conor from Gloucestershire who had a bull calf on her by Shelsleys Dakota.

The other females were split into three classes with the first class being won by IRS Bond from Castle Douglas with Glen Erin closely followed by Hugh and Nancy Sloans Burnfoot Hetty from the Borders, the second class was headed by Dessy Henry with his heifer Gruige Glenda who had travelled over the water from Ireland, following in second was Carolyn Fletchers Barwise Maddy.  The third class od heifers was headed by Barwise Miss Manners again from Carolyn Fletcher from Cumbria, in second travelling up from Gloucestershire was Saltway Zilla from Mr O’Conor.

The female champion and winner of the Borness Rose Bowl for the second year running was Dessy Henry with his smart homebred heifer Gruige Glenda, taking the Reserve spot was Carolyn Fletcher with Barwise Maddy.

Not a big entry of bulls but the quality forward made up for this, four senior bulls were forward with first prize going to Lomond Auchentoshan from Duncan Maxwell, Drymen.  This bull had style and breed character, second to him was Jane Landers with Cairsnmore Irwin who dam Lullenden Apple Dumpling bred many champions and Irwin himself was Male Champion at the Royal Highland Show.

The Junior bull class was split with the red ticket going to Whitstonehill Toby from Messrs Wards Lockerbie based herd, in second place was Coulmony Cam from Anthony Laing.  The second class winner was Saltway Bilbo from H M O’Conor and standing next to him was Duncan Maxwell’s Lomond 23 Beta and embryo born from the Netherwood herd.

Judge Richard Wilson had no hesitation in tapping out his champion Bull Lomond Auchentoshan from Duncan Maxwell with Whitstonehill Toby taking the Reserve spot.  The Belted Galloway champions were kindly sponsored by Tarff Valley.

In the white section there was not many forward with the show but the quality certainly wasn’t lacking with the heifer class being won by Irelandton Maleficent from RKG Farms who also won the second spot with Irelandton Marshmallow.

In the bulls the top spot was taken by Erncrogo Hugo from Zoe Black and in second place was Traboyack Rob Roy from Jonathan Wrights Girvan based herd.  The Championship award went to the Bull Erncrogo Hugo with the female Irelandton Maleficent taking the Reserve Spot.

That concluded an excellent show, and thanks are due to our main sponsor, Scotmin Nutrition, and all our other contributors Solway Agriculture Ltd., Dunmuir Veterinary Group, Robinsons Scotland Ltd., Kilnford Farm Shop, Tarff Valley and R.C. Dalgleish Ltd.



Class 1 Female in-calf or with calf at Foot

1st Lot 2: Saltway Zara, Dr H M O’Conor


Class 2 Female

1st Lot 13: Glen Erin, I R S Bond
2nd Lot 5: Burnfoot Hetty, H & N Sloan
3rd Lot 9: Auchengassel Merriment, RKG Farms
4th Lot 16: Mochrum Laburnum, 8th D Bertie
5th Lot 10: Dunay Tuska, Mrs J Howman
6th Lot 7: Larghill Ruth, W Marshall & Son


Class 3a Female

1st Lot 19: Gruige Glenda, D Henry
2nd Lot 24: Barwise Maddy, Mrs C Fletcher
3rd Lot 21: Whistonehill Rosetta, JR & CJ Ward
4th Lot 23: Muil Tania,Sir JCL Keswick
5th Lot 22: Speddoch Tammy, Speddoch Farm Partnership
6th Lot 25: Dunay Olive, Mrs J Howman


Class 3b Female

1st Lot 28: Barwise Miss Manners, Mrs C Fletcher
2nd Lot 27: Saltway Zilla, Dr H M O’Conor
3rd Lot 32: Muil Tina, Sir JCL Keswick
4th Lot 37: Cairnsmore Joan Bridget, Mrs J Landers
5th Lot 31: Waterbeck May, Mrs C Hislop
6th Lot 36: Cairnsmore Jessica Gypsy, Mrs J Landers


Class 4 Senior Bull

1st Lot 40: Lomond Auchentoshan, Mr D Maxwell
2nd Lot 43: Cairnsmore Irwin, Mrs J Landers
3rd Lot 42: Carzield Major Tom, J Robinson
4th Lot 39: Barwise Javelin, Mrs C Fletcher


Class 5a Junior Bull

1st Lot 45: Whitstonehill Toby, R & CJ Ward
2nd Lot 46: Coulmont Cam, A R Laing
3rd Lot 48: Cairnsmore Jackson, Mrs J Landers
4th Lot 44: Glen Elvis, IRS Bond
5th Lot 49: Cairnsmore Jaegermeister, Mrs J Landers
6th Lot 47: Ballylough Horatio, R Creith

Class 5b Junior Bull

1st Lot 53: Saltway Bilbo, Dr H M O’Conor
2nd Lot 50: Lomond 23 Beta, D Maxwell
3rd Lot 52: Waterloo Willy, S J Barry
4th Lot 51: Ballylough Herman, R Creith
5th Lot 54: Huntfield Sebastian, J & Z Kirk


Male Champion – Lot 40   Lomond Auchentoshan

Reserve Male Champion – Lot 45  Whitstonehill Toby

Female Champion – Lot 19  Gruige Glenda


White Galloways

Class 1

1st Lot 56: Irelandton Maleficient, RKG Farms

2nd Lot 59: Irelandton Marshmallow, RKG Farms


Class 2

1st Lot 60: Erncrogo Hugo, Mrs Z Black

2nd Lot 61: Traboyack Rob Roy, J Wright


White Galloway Champion – Lot 60   Erncrogo Hugo

Reserve Champion – Lot 56  Irelandton Maleficient


Sale Report

Champions in the pre sale show are the top prices in the sale

A large crowd of buyers were present at the Annual Show and Sale of Belted and White Galloway cattle on Friday at Wallets Mart, Castle Douglas.  The breed has had both an exciting and busy year with the World Galloway Congress being held in August.  This cumulated in this prestigious show and sale which witnessed buyers from Germany and Switzerland competing with buyers from Scotland, England and Ireland resulting in a fantastic days trading for all sellers.

Male Champion Belted Galloway Lot 40 Lomond Auchentoshan from JM & D Maxwell, Blairvockie, Drymen sold for 8000gns to Howe Mill Estates from Marlborough in Wiltshire.  Champion Female Belted Galloway was Lot 19 Gruige Glenda from Dessy Henry, Ballymena sold to Messrs McNally, Lochans, Stranraer for 3300gns.  Overall White Galloway Champion was lot number 60 Encrogo Hugo from Zoe Black, Bogleknowe, Balmaclellan which sold for 1700gns to Germany.

In the bulls the next top price after the Champion was 4000gns which was for Carzield Major Tom from Mr & Mrs J Robinson, Kirton, Dumfries and he sold to Hedgeley farms, Northumberland for their Beanley Herd.  Following that was Mrs J Howman’s from Shepperton, Middlesex’s older bull Barwise Jura who made 3200gns selling to Holkham Farming from Norfolk.

In the females the next highest price to the Champion was Barwise Miss Manners from Carolyn Fletcher who sold for 3200gns to G B Milroy from Newton Stewart, following her was Cairnsmore Joan Bridget from Jane Landers, Newton Stewart who sold for 2300gns to Germany.

The next top price in the White Galloway section was 1400gns for the bull Traboyack Rob Roy from Jonathan Wright, Girvan, Ayrshire who sold to A McMillan from Thornhill.

A feature of the sale was the Dispersal sale of the entire herd of White Galloways from RKG Farms’ Irelandton Herd which topped at 2800gns for a White Galloway cow with a calf at foot selling to Mrs A Galloway, Newton Stewart, next highest price was for another cow and calf selling for 2400gns to P Cody, Retford.  The Dispersal sale attracted a great number of interest and 5 new breeders purchased cattle so that looks promising for the White Galloway breed.