Castle Douglas Sale & Show Report

Wallets Marts, Castle Douglas | Friday 27th October 2017

Champions in the pre sale show are the top prices in the sale

Record price for White Galloway Bull

A large entry of cattle and a large crowd of buyers were present at the Annual Show and Sale of Belted and White Galloway cattle on Friday at Wallets Mart, Castle Douglas. Buyers were present from as far south as Colchester, North as Aberdeen and across the water from Northern and Southern Ireland.

Male Champion Belted Galloway Lot 97 Lomond Bunnahabhain from JM & D Maxwell, Blairvockie, Drymen sold for 5800gns to fellow breeder Carolyn Fletcher, Appleby in Westmorland for her Barwise herd, Bunnahabhain is the first son to be offered for sale sired by Speddoch Rocky, Male Champion Castle Douglas 2014 and sold for the record price of 10,500gns. Champion Female Belted Galloway was Lot 25 Offthewall Cassandra 2nd from Tim Oliver, Northumberland selling to new breeders Glenapp Farms, Girvan, Ayrshire for 3700gns, matching this price was Lot 13 Barwise Maggie 845 from Carolyn Fletcher selling to new members J & J Rix from Colchester in Essex.  Top price and record price for a White Galloway Bull was Lot 110, the first prize Bull from R J McTurk, Castle Douglas and he sold to Tim Oliver, Northumberland for his Melkridge Herd of White Galloways.

In the Belted Galloway section 9 animals sold in excess of 3000gns.  In the bulls the next top price after the Champion was 4500gns which was for Lot 92 Glen Fabio from local breeders IRS Bond and he sold to D Daley from Grange over Sands.  Following that was Lot 88 Hockenhull Farms from Tarvin, Chester’s older bull Hockenhull Horatio who made 3800gns selling to Hoscote Estate, Hawick.

In the females the next highest price was 3400gns paid for Lot 16 Whitstonehill Audrey an in-calf heifer from Messrs Ward, Lockerbie. Following her was Carolyn Fletcher with Lot 6 Barwise Miss Molly 830 selling for 3200gns to new breeders J & J Rix, Colchester.

The next top price in the White Galloway section was the Overall White Galloway Champion lot number 104 Melkridge Risa 2nd from Tim Oliver, Northumberland, a stylish heifer sold in-calf and she sold to Paul Thompson, Co Durham for 2400gns for his Wolsingham herd. Read full White Galloway report >




9 Bulls - £3325

18 in-calf heifers - £2508

35 Bulling heifers - £1722

1 cow & Calf - £1470


1 bull - £2940

7 bulling heifers - £1575

3 Riggit bulling heifers - £805


Show Report

A large entry and very good show of quality cattle was paraded before the Judge Mr David Powell from the well know Shelsleys herd from Worcester at the annual show and sale of Belted and White Galloway Cattle at Castle Douglas on Friday 27th October 2017.

There were no cows and calves forward for the show.

The other females were split into five classes with the first class being won by Messrs JR & CJ Ward from Lockerbie with their homebred Whitstonehill Audrey, second place went to Carolyn Fletcher from Cumbria with Barwise Maggie 845.  Topping the second class Offthewall Cassandra 2nd from Tim Oliver who had travelled up from Northumberland, she was followed in second by Dunay Bess 2nd from Mr J Howman from Middlesex.  The third class of heifers was dominated by the Speddoch herd from Shawhead taking the top three spots, in first place was Speddoch Alanna and in second her stablemate Speddoch Ainslie.  The top two in the fourth class of heifers also went to Sepddoch this time with Speddoch Anastacia and Speddoch Ava respectively.  The last class of heifers was won by the Landers family of Wigtownshire with Cairnsmore Kacey Johan and in second place was Mourneview Gigi from Adam Lawson of Fife.

The female champion and winner of the Borness Rose Bowl was Tim Oliver with his smart homebred heifer Offthewall Cassandra 2nd, taking the Reserve spot was the Ward family with Whitstonehill Audrey.

Not a big entry of bulls but the quality forward made up for this, five senior bulls were forward with first prize going to Hockenhull Horatio from Hockenhuill Farms who had travelled up from Cheshire.  This bull had style and breed character, second to him was Mrs J Howman’s Dunay Jura.

The Junior bull class had a good entry and this was headed by Duncan Maxwell from Drymen with Lomond Bunnahabhain, second to him was local breeders I R S Bond with Glen Fabio.

Judge David Powell had no hesitation in tapping out his champion Bull Lomond Bunnahabhain from Duncan Maxwell with Hockenhull Horatio taking the Reserve spot.  The Belted Galloway champions were kindly sponsored by Tarff Valley.

In the white section there was not many forward in the show but the quality certainly wasn’t lacking with the heifer class being won by Melkridge Risa 2nd from Tim Oliver, Northumberland who also took second spot with Melkridge Fortune, third prize here went to local breeders Messrs Gilligan with Highcreoch Claire 3rd.

In the bulls only two were entered but two good bulls they were with KM Welters heading this class with Heritage Desider and in second R J McTurk with Barlaes Snowman.  The Championship award went to the female Melkridge Risa 2nd and the bull Heritage Desider taking reserve spot.

That concluded an excellent show, and thanks are due to our main sponsor, Scotmin Nutrition, and all our other contributors Solway Agriculture Ltd., Dunmuir Veterinary Group, Robinsons Scotland Ltd., Kilnford Farm Shop, Tarff Valley, Galloway vets and R.C. Dalgleish Ltd.



Class 1 Female in-calf or with calf at Foot

No entries


Class 2a Female

1st Lot 16 - Whitstonehill Audrey, J R & C J Ward

2nd Lot 13 - Barwise Maggie 845, Mrs C Fletcher

3rd Lot 6 - Barwise Miss Molly 830, Mrs C Fletcher

4th Lot 4 - Offthewall Irisboy, T J Oliver


Class 2b Female

1st Lot 25 - Offthewall Cassandra 2nd, T J Oliver

2nd Lot 32 - Dunay Bess 2nd, Mrs J Howman

3rd Lot 30 - I R S Bond, Glen Fuchsia

4th Lot 24 - Whitstonehill Princess Jasmine, JR & CJ Ward


Class 3 Female

1st Lot 49 - Speddoch Alanna, Speddoch Partnership

2nd Lot 47 - Speddoch Ainslie, Speddoch Partnership

3rd Lot 44 - Speddoch Abby, Speddoch Partnership

4th Lot 46 - Whitstonehill Rosalie, JR & CJ Ward


Class 3a Female

1st Lot 71 - Speddoch Anastacia, Speddoch Partnership

2nd Lot 61 - Speddoch Ava, Speddoch Partnership

3rd Lot 63 - Lipwood Tonto, G B Milroy

4th Lot 67 - Auchengassel Ona, RKG Farms


Class 3b Female

1st Lot 77 - Cairnsmore Kacey Johan, Mrs J Landers

2nd Lot 80 - Mourneview Gigi, A J Lawson

3rd Lot 81 - Whitstonehill Heidi Ho, JR & CJ Ward

4th Lot 75 - Cairnsmore Klara Honeysuckle, Mrs J Landers


Class 4 Senior Bull

1st Lot 88 - Hockenhull Horatio, Hockenhull Farms

2nd Lot 87 - Dunay Jura, Mrs J Howman

3rd Lot 89 - Scaifehall Elvis Einstein, C M Ryder

4th Lot 90 - Grassknop Benjamin, Mrs A L Taylor


Class 5 Junior Bull

1st Lot 97 - Lomond Bunnahabhain, D Maxwell

2nd Lot 92 - Glen Fabio, I R S Bond

3rd Lot 96 - Whitstonehill Gandalf, JR & CJ Ward

4th Lot 91 - Waterloo Spectre,  S J Barry

Male Galloway Champion: Lot 97 - Lomond Bunnahabhain

Reserve Male Champion: Lot 88 - Hockenhull Horatio

Female Galloway Champion: Lot 25 - Offthewall Cassandra 2nd

Reserve Female Champion: Lot 16 - Whitstonehill Audrey


White Galloways

Class 1

1st Lot 104 - Melkridge Risa 2nd, T J Oliver

2nd Lot 102 - Melkridge Fortune, T J Oliver

3rd Lot 107 - Highcreoch Claire 3rd, G & K Gilligan


Class 2

1st Lot 109 - Heritage Desider, K M Welters

2nd Lot 110 - Barlaes Snowman, R J McTurk


White Galloway Champion: Lot 104 - Melkridge Risa 2nd

Reserve Champion: Lot 109 - Heritage Desider

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