Sunday August 11th 2019

Class 212: Galloway and Belted Galloway Calf, Male or Female born on/or after 01/08/2018

1st: (Galloway) Molly K3 Of Castlegore, 12th Mar 2019 for Paul Kyle

2nd: (Galloway) Blue Stack Nancy, 1st Apr 2019 for Sean Martin

3rd: (Belted Galloway) Kylebroughlaun Dabheóg, 12th Sep 2018, Sire: Clifton Alexander, Dam: Camp Emilia for Gerard Walshe


Class 213: Galloway and Belted Galloway Maiden Heifer

1st: (Galloway) Amy P2 Of Castlegore, 10th Apr 2017 for Paul Kyle

2nd: (Galloway) Grace B1, 16th Jan 2018 for Paul Kyle

3rd: (Belted Galloway) Clonburren Venus,  1st Jun 2018, Sire: Castlemartin Harvey Dam: Whitepool Poppy for John McHugh

4th: (Belted Galloway) Clonburren Vixen, 2nd May 2018, Sire: Clonburren Thor, Dam: Wiltonmills Sarah for John McHugh


Class 214: Galloway and Belted Galloway Senior Cow

1st: (Belted Galloway) Barwise Miss Marple, 19th May 2009, Sire: Barwise Jigsaw, Dam:Mochrum Maddy for Des Dunne

2nd: (Galloway) Barlaes Katie 84th, 20th Mar 2017 for Barry Kyle

3rd: (Belted Galloway) Barwise Crystal Charm, 8th May 2010, Sire: Barwise Jenga, Dam: Barwise Crystal Belle for Des Dunne

4th: (Belted Galloway) Kylebroughlaun Ailsa, 22nd Mar 2015, Sire: Clifton Alexander, Dam: Stonehouse Helen for Gerard Walshe


Class 215: Galloway and Belted Galloway Senior Bull

1st: (Galloway) Alfie Of Romesbeoch,29th May 2018,for Paul Kyle

2nd: (Belted Galloway) Clonburren Urban, Sire: Castlemartin Harvey, Dam: Whitepool Odele's Poppy for John McHugh