White Galloway Open Day August 2014


Almost 100 cattle breeders turned up for a visit near Haltwhistle in Northumberland on Saturday 23rd August to see an impressive collection of White Galloways and Belted Galloways at Tim Oliver’s Low House farm.  Visitors had come from as far afield as Worcester, Lincoln and Ireland to get a look at the largest herd of White Galloways in the British Isles, and they were not disappointed.

Tim farms two livestock units in south Northumberland, with North Country Mules sharing the land with Galloway cattle.  In addition to the farms Tim also runs a butchery, and is very focussed on the requirements of the consumer.  He is also Vice Chairman of the Belted Galloway Cattle Society, which is responsible for registering White Galloways.  Low House is a typical Northumbrian marginal farm – very exposed – and the choice of breeds is critical to the success of the operation.  Improving carcass quality is the priority at Low House, and the reaction of the visitors confirmed the success of the policy.

Tim commented  “We have chosen White Galloways and Belted Galloways because of their hardiness, good mothering qualities and, above all, their ability to convert poor quality grazing into top quality beef.  The cattle mature slowly, which allows them to thrive on very low inputs and means the meat is extra tender and succulent, which is what the discerning consumer is after.”

White Galloways are relatively rare compared to their Belted cousins, however they enjoy the same qualities and, like the Belted Galloways, they are very much in demand.  “The fact that people have come all the way from Ireland and the south of England today just goes to prove the level of interest in these cattle”, said Tim, “The comments I have had were all very favourable and I am sure the interest in the breed will continue to drive up demand for some time to come.”

After the farm tour the crowd tucked into a hearty beef casserole produced by local caterers before the President of the Society, Robert Graham from Kirkcudbright, thanked Tim and said he looked forward to more of these events in view of the high level of interest in the breeds.