World Galloway Conference

The World Galloway Congress is a bi-annual event held for international breeders & enthusiasts of the Galloway breed.  The location of the congress rotates giving people a great opportunity to visit other countries and view first hand Galloway cattle herds and their different farming management regimes in the respective host country.

During the congress an itinerary is put together by the hosting country to include a combination of herd visits, agricultural shows, socialising & sightseeing as well as hearing national reports presented by the respective speakers of the participating countries. Sampling of the local food, including Galloway beef is always high on the agenda.

In the year 1993 the very first conference took place but this was done via a telephone, the participants were each allowed 5 minutes talking time. The attached link gives you details of who participated on the call and matters discussed.

The year 1995 a further tele-conference took place and then 1997 the first international congress was held in Alberta, Canada

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