2015 Carlisle Sale


Once again the Belted Galloway Society’s annual spring sale held at Harrison and Hetherington’s Borderway mart was a great success.  Now in its third year the entries for this fixture had doubled on the numbers for the first sale, but trade was still brisk, with quality stock meeting strong demand from prospective buyers from as far afield as Devon.

The pre-sale show was judged by the Society’s vice chairman Adam Lawson of Fife, who began with the senior heifer class.  First prize went to Robin Murray’s homebred heifer Solway Deva, with second place going to Solway Ermintrude from the same herd.  Both were sired by Raeburn Phoenix and sold for 1,300 and 1,200 guineas respectively.

The bulling heifer class was dominated by Ian Marshall’s Larghill herd, with Larghill Quiver taking the honours and Larghill Quest coming second.

A large class of senior bulls provided the judge with a challenge, and the first prize went to Neil Thompson’s homebred three year old Maybeck Bracken.  A son of Maybeck Andrew out of a Greenacres cow, this bull went on to make the joint highest price of 2,400 guineas.  Second in the class was Carolyn Fletcher’s bull Barwise Christo, a homebred son of Whitlaw Ronaldo which went to Neil Richardson of Derbyshire for 2,000 guineas.

Only two junior bulls were forward, with Hugh and Nancy Sloan’s homebred Burnfoot Gandalf taking the first prize rosette.  He later sold for 2,400 guineas to Mr. Daley of Cheshire.  Messrs. Ward’s son of Park Perseus, Whitstonehill Kingpin, came second, and sold to Mr. Wilde of Buxton for 1,800 guineas.

On to the championship, and Adam Lawson could not go past Ian Marshall’s Larghill Quiver.  Sired by a bull from the renowned Whitepool herd, Whitepool Neptune, out of homebred cow Larghill Nancy, she was also liked by the buyers, and topped the female sections of the sale at 2,400 guineas.  Lucky buyers were Edward and Nicola Duggleby of the Beswick herd in Yorkshire, and no doubt we shall be seeing more of this tremendous heifer.  Reserve champion went to Neil Thompson’s senior bull Maybeck Bracken.

Auctioneer Grant Anderson then swung into action and a packed ringside saw no shortage of bids.  The highlight of the senior heifer class was rightly the show Champion Larghill Quiver and her half sister Larghill Quest, which went for 1,700 guineas to Mr. Johnston of Dalbeattie.  The third highest price was 1,300 guineas was paid by Messrs. Wareham for Hedgeley Farms’ Polbae Abel daughter Beanley Ayesha 3rd.  While the top price of 2,400 guineas paid for the champion was up on the previous year’s class, the average was down by 146 guineas at 1,089 for 21 sold.  Second highest price of 1,750 guineas was paid by Beswick Hall Farms for Liz Wilkinson's Poplar Quatre Roses, a red and white heifer sired by the imported German bull Mephisto Vom Nordwind, offering the chance of some useful new genetics.

8 junior heifers were forward , and a mixed show of quality resulted in this class being considerably down on the year, averaging 820 guineas as opposed to 1,087 in 2014.  The highlight here was 1,600 guineas paid for Alan and Sandra Gardners’ red and white heifer Arnside Jupiter, a daughter of Liz Wilkinson’s bull Poplar Onthered.  A close second was 1,520 paid by Messrs Duggleby for the Gardners’ other entry Arnside Jasper, also by Poplar Onthered.

Of the three cows sold only Neil Thompson’s Kinrea Tara made any impact, selling for 1,020 guineas with her bull calf at foot.  Bred by John Boxall in Inverness this five year old was sired by Joe and Zan Kirk’s Huntfield Jock out of a homebred Kinrea cow.

Bulls proved slightly harder to sell, with two of the eight forward being passed out of the ring.  Quality shone through, however, with a top price of 2,400 guineas being paid by Messrs. Adams for Neil Thompson’s reserve champion Maybeck Bracken, and for Hugh and Nancy Sloan’s Burnfoot Gandalf.  Second placed show bull Barwise Christo made 2,000 guineas for Carolyn Fletcher and went to Neil Richardson’s Fernyford herd in Derbyshire.  Average for bulls was also slightly down at 1,711 guineas from 1,788 in 2014.

The Society is grateful to Adam Lawson for judging the show, and to Grant Anderson, Heather Pritchard and their team at Carlisle for mounting such a well-organised event.

Full prices (in guineas):-

2014 No. Sold 2015 No. Sold 2014 Top (gns.) 2015 Top (gns.) 2014 Ave (gns.) 2015 Ave (gns.)
Senior heifers 13 21 2,250 2,400 1,235 1,089
Junior heifers 19 8 1,700 1,600 1,087 820
Cows 7 3 2,950 1,020 1,343 740
Bulls 4 7 3,800 2,400 1,788 1,711

Carlisle Sale Photos