Great Yorkshire Show

14th – 16th July 2015

The 2015 show saw an excellent entry of Belted Galloways from as far afield as Devon.  A total of thirty entries presented judge Bridget Borlase with a challenging job as the scene was set for an exciting event, and the generally high standard throughout was reflected in the even distribution of prizes.

The bull class began proceedings, and Anne Bell’s four year old Clifton Hercules picked up the first prize.  A tremendously powerful animal, Hercules was sired by Ballamoar Hercules, and was bought by Douglas Crighton as stock bull for his Broadmeadows herd.  Hercules was then bought back by Anne at the Broadmeadows dispersal sale and is now on the semen list.  Second prize bull went to Derek and Judith Galloway, who had made the journey all the way from Devon with their three year old Southfield Crackerjack.  Bred in Cornwall by Julie Strachey, Crackerjack was sired by Forthill Buster.

The cow class saw a healthy entry of eight cows and older heifers, and the Devon contingent fared even better here, picking up the first prize for their five year old cow.  Also bred by Julie Strachey, Southfield Ronaldo Girl was sired by the Australian bull Karandrea Ronaldo, which has done so well for the Southfield herd.  Second prize went to east Yorkshire breeders Edward and Nicola Duggleby with their four year old Whitstonehill Bertha.  Bred by Messrs. Ward in Dumfries and Galloway, Bertha was sired by Larghill Lightening.  Third place went to Zan and Joe Kirk with their homebred cow Huntfield Opal, which has also enjoyed considerable success.

The senior heifer class was of a particularly good standard, and another well-travelled entry took the winning rosette.  Howemill Mustang Sally, a homebred heifer from the renowned  Howemill herd in Wiltshire caught the judge’s eye.  She is a daughter of Howemill See the Sky, a bull which has bred particularly well for Howemill.  Runner up in the class was another Southfield animal, Southfield Curiosity, also sired by Karandrea Ronaldo, but this time owned by Anne Bell.  Third place went to Mochrum Lilac 6th, ably led by new herd manager Helen Ryman.

The junior heifer class again rewarded the Galloway family from Devon for their long trip with the first prize for their homebred heifer Marstone Dancing Queen which was sired by the Mochrum Kingfisher.  The second prize went to a daughter of the bull class winner,  Broadmeadows May 30th , which was exhibited by Anne bell, who bought the heifer at the dispersal sale last year.   Third place went to the Kirks with their homebred heifer Huntfield Ramble, a daughter of homebred bull Huntfield Red Bull.

Howemill Mustang Sally then picked up the Calvert Perpetual Trophy for the best heifer.

A good selection of calves were forward for the calf class, and this time Mochrum Estate was to the fore with their four month old bull calf Mochrum Stuart picking up the first prize.  He was sired by Mochrum Defender.  Second prize went to Anne Bell for her Southfield Major Ronaldo calf Clifton Lochinvar, and third was the Galloways’ homebred Kingfisher calf Marstone Royal Prince.

On to the Junior Championship, and the Galloways were delighted to pick up the first prize rosette with their yearling heifer Marstone Dancing Queen.  Anne Bell’s Broadmeadows May 30th took the Reserve Junior Champion’s rosette.

Anne triumphed again in the Male Championship, with Clifton Hercules duly collecting the MacKerracher Perpetual Memorial Trophy.  Reserve Male Champion was the Galloway’s bull Southfield Crackerjack.

The Female Championship came next, and the judge could not go past the first prize senior heifer Howemill Mustang Sally, which was awarded the Chapman Frearson Perpetual trophy.  Reserve Female Champion was Anne Bell’s senior heifer Southfield Curiosity.

The Overall Championship came next, and the Mochrum Perpetual Trophy went to a delighted Jim Frame with Howemill Mustang Sally.  Southfield Curiosity made a worthy Reserve Champion.

In a final flourish a tremendous selection of groups took the ring and made a lovely sight.  To round off a very successful trip north the Galloways were awarded first prize for their group of three and Anne Bell came runner up.  In third place was Mr. E. Belcher’s team led by Brian McKnight.

In the final class of the show the pair of animals bred by the same sire made a very interesting prospect, and the Galloways triumphed again with their pair sired by Karandrea Ronaldo.  Second place went to Anne Bell’s pair of Ballamoar Hercules offspring




Judge:  Ms. B. Borlase

Bull, born on or before 31st Decmber 2013

1st Clifton Hercules                                  Mrs. A. Bell
2nd Southfield Crackerjack                        Mr. D. Galloway
3rd Blair Gillies                                         Mr. E. Belcher
4th Southfield Sonny Boy                                    Mr. M. Robinson


Cow, any age, or heifer born on or after 31st August 2012

1st Southfield Ronaldo Girl                      Mr. D. Galloway
2nd Whitstonehill Bertha                           Beswick Hall Farms
3rd Huntfield Opal                                    J. & Z. Kirk
4th Southfield Magic Lantern                   Mr. D. Galloway
5th Clifton Locket                                     Mr. A. Bell
6th Howemill Jen                                      Sir M. Arbib


Heifer in calf or with calf at foot, born on or after 1st September 2012

1st Howemill Mustang Sally                    Sir M. Arbib
2nd Southfield Curiosity                           Mrs. A. Bell
3rd Mochrum Lilac 6th Mochrum Estate
4th Auchengassel Leona                            Miss K. Graham
5th Cairnsmore Ginny Dumpling             Mr. E. Belcher


Heifer yearling, born on or after 1st September 2013

1st Marstone Dancing Queen                   Mr. D. Galloway
2nd Broadmeadows May 30th Mrs. A. Bell
3rd Huntfield Ramble                                J. & Z. Kirk
4th Auchengassel Molly                           Miss. K. Graham
5th Polbae Annie                                       Mr. R. Wilson


Calvert Perpetual trophy for the Best heifer

Howemill Mustang Sally                    Sir M. Arbib


Calf, born on or after 1st September 2014

1st Mochrum Stuart                                 Mochrum Estate
2nd Clifton Lochinvar                                Mrs. A. Bell
3rd Marstone Royal Prince                       Mr. D. Galloway
4th Polbae Sam                                          Mr. R. Wilson
5th Huntfield                                             J. & Z. Kirk


Group of three animals, the property of the same exhibitor

1st Mr. D. Galloway
2nd Mrs. A. Bell
3rd Mr. E. Belcher
4th Mochrum Estate
5th J. & Z. Kirk


Pair of animals by the same sire

1st Mr. D. Galloway       Sired by Karandrea Ronaldo
2nd Mrs. A. Bell             Sired by Ballamoar Hercules
3rd Sir M. Arbib             Sired by Howemill See the Sky
4th Mr. R. Wilson           Sired by Mossontmuir Jaguar

Junior Champion
Marstone Dancing Queen                   Mr. D. Galloway

Reserve Junior Champion
Broadmeadows May 30th Mrs. A. Bell

Male Champion
Clifton Hercules                                  Mrs. A. Bell

Reserve Male Champion
Southfield Crackerjack                        Mr. D. Galloway

Female Champion
Howemill Mustang Sally                    Sir M. Arbib

Reserve Female Champion
Southfield Curiosity                           Mrs. A. Bell

Breed Champion
Howemill Mustang Sally                    Sir M. Arbib

Reserve Breed Champion
Southfield Curiosity                           Mrs. A. Bell



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