Wigtown Show Results

5th August 2015

Judge: Adam Lawson, North Cassingray, Largoward, Fife


Bull any age

1st: B&J Landers Cairnsmore Hamish
2nd: Mochrum Estate Coulmony Blair
3rd: Belcher and MacKinnon Blair Gilles

Cow any age

1st: Mochrum Estates Mochrum Lilac 3rd
2nd: Belcher and MacKinnon Clifton Gemma

Two Year Old Heifer

1st: Mochrum Estate Mochrum Lilac 6th
2nd: RKG FarmsREaston Hill Arisaig 3rd
3rd: Belcher and MacKinnon Cairnsmore Ginny Dumpling

One Year Old Heifer

1st: Miss J A Cowie Copelaw Ruby red
2nd: B&J Landers Cairnsmore Ivory Melody
3rd: RKG Farms Auchengassel Molly

Calf born after 1st Sept last year

1st: Miss J A Cowie Copelaw Isabella
2nd: Mochrum Estate Mochrum Stuart

Best Pair

1st: Mochrum Estate
2nd: Belcher MacKinnon


Champion: Cairnsmore Hamish
Reserve Champion:
Mochrum Lilac 6th

Female Champion: Mochrum Lilac 6th
Reserve: Copelaw Isabella

Male Champion: Cairnsmore Hamish
Reserve: Coulmony Blair