Frome Show

14th September 2013

A great showing of Galloways at the Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show.

This was the first time Frome has held Beltie classes (at least for as long as we can remember) and 5 different exhibitors brought their Galloways to Frome. With 12 Belted Galloways forward,  the judge Mr M Yeandle was pleased to see so many and there was a good competitive air, with everyone going home with something! He especially commented that the quality of the two young bulls was reassuring for the future of the breed. Congratulations to Derek and Judith Galloway for getting “the double”. Mrs Birgit Galloway’s family also gave stirling performances in the young handler classes.

Frome Show certainly looks after its exhibitors, with spacious tented cattle lines, hard surfaced washing area (and plenty of conveniences!). They had over 400 cattle entries, all extremely well housed for a one day show this late in the year. We hope this will go on to become a major event for Belties in the south.

We should also mention young Hatherland Dark Sky, Alison Bunning’'s Riggit Galloway heifer who gained 2nd in a strong class in the Any Other Native Beef section - very well done!



Cow or Calved Heifer over 30 months

1st: – Steen Misty - Mrs B Galloway

2nd: Steen Milly -– Mrs B Galloway


Calf under 6 months

1st: Steen Izzy -– Mrs B Galloway


Calf 6-12 months

1st: Hatherland Dog Star -– Mrs A Bunning

2nd: Steen Isla - Mrs B Galloway


Heifer 12-24 months

1st: Southfield Magic Lantern –- Mr & Mrs D Galloway

2nd: Hatherland Cressida –- Mr J D Bennett

3rd: Sherberton Wanda -– P M & D S Ford


Maiden or In-Calf Heifer over 24 months

1st: Sherberton Willow 3rd - P M & D S Ford

2nd: Southfield Ronaldo Girl - Mr & Mrs D Galloway

3rd: Hatherland Dun Bellatrix –- Mrs A Bunning


Bull under 24 months

Southfield Crackerjack - Mr & Mrs D Galloway



1st: Mr & Mrs D Galloway

2nd: P M & D S Ford

3rd: Mrs B Galloway


Champion Southfield Magic Lantern -– Mr & Mrs D Galloway

Reserve Champion Southfield Crackerjack - Mr & Mrs D Galloway

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