Mid Devon Show 2013

27th July 2013 • Show Report & Results

We are managing to encourage more Beltie owners to show in the south west.

Galloways dominated the Any Other Native Breed classes yesterday - with 5 Belties and 3 Riggits forward (plus a Beltie cow and calf on the RBST stand and Hettie Moo in the main arena). Champion was Derek and Judith Galloway's Southfield heifer Southfield Ronaldo Girl (Belted Galloway).

Alison Bunning



Any Other Native Breed Classes:

Class 50 Cow or Heifer born before 1st Jan 2011

1st: Southfield Ronaldo Girl (Belted Galloway) - D & J Galloway

2nd: Hatherland Astral (Belted Galloway) - AJ & HJ Bunning

3rd: Hatherland Dun Bellatrix (Belted Galloway) - AJ & HJ Bunning


Class 51 Heifer born on or after 1st Jan 2011

1st: Sherberton Willow 3rd (Belted Galloway) - PM & DS Ford

2nd: Sherberton Wanda 6th (Belted Galloway) - PM & DS Ford

3rd: Hatherland Dark Sky (Riggit Galloway) - AJ & HJ Bunning


Class 52 Bull (any age)

1st: Slough Marlin (Longhorn) M Preece


Class 53 Pairs

1st: PM & DS Ford (Belted Galloways)

2nd: AJ & HJ Bunning (Riggit Galloways)


Champion Southfield Ronaldo Girl (Belted Galloway) D & J Galloway

Reserve Champion Slough Marlin (Longhorn) M Preece



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Mid Devon Show

Grand Parade

Photos courtesy of Alison Bunning


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