2014 Castle Douglas Sale



Judging the show this year was Jim Ross of Romesbeoch, Dumfries, and with a total of four Belted heifer classes and two large bull classes as well as a class of White Galloways it proved a busy morning.

The first class of senior heifers produced an excellent display of quality, and the first prize went to Dessy Henry’s homebred in calf heifer Gruige Orla.  Second place went to newly-elected Chairman Tim Oliver’s red heifer Off the Wall Fanella.  An equally good selection of senior heifers in the second class produced a win for the Mochrum herd, which had three heifers in the class.  Mochrum Lilybet 4th took the honours, and the second place went to Dr. H.M. O’Conor’s Saltway Harmony, which had travelled all the way from Gloucestershire.

On to the junior heifers, and class three saw the Cairnsmore herd of Bill and Jane Landers pick up first prize with their 20 month old heifer Cairnsmore Haley.  Second prize went to the Muil herd’s 21 month old Muil Rachel.  In the fourth and final class of heifers Dr. O’Conor was again rewarded for his long trip north by picking up the first prize for his homebred heifer Saltway Lara.  Runner up was the Landers’ 17 month old Cairnsmore Heidi.

The female championship was next, and the Borness trophy, which was returned from its original use at the Royal Show, was awarded to Mochrum Estate’s Lilybet 4th.  Sired by a homebred bull Mochrum Defender, this stylish heifer looked every inch a winner and was a credit to herd manager John McTurk.  Reserve Female Champion was Dr. O’Conor’s class 4 winner Saltway Lara, a very well bred heifer by Southfield Double O Seven.

A very good class of senior bulls saw Duncan Maxwell triumph with a strong contender in his homebred 18 month old Lomond Dalwhinnie.  Runner up was the Landers’ Coulmony Coll son Cairnsmore Geordie.  The junior bulls produced a large entry, making considerable work for the judge, but Mr. Ross brought his great experience to bear and awarded the first prize to Speddoch Rocky, a decision more than jusitied by the bull’s performance later in the sale ring.  Representing the Northern Ireland contingent, second prize went to Richard Creith for his Ballylough Joker, a son of the well-known Ballylough Jock.

The Perpetual Trophy for the Male Champion, sponsored by David Irving of Dumfries, went to worthy winner Speddoch Rocky, with Duncan Maxwell’s Lomond Dalwhinnie a close second.

The Society is most grateful to the judge,  to the show’s main sponsors Scotmin Nutrition, and to the individual class sponsors, Solway Agriculture, Dunmuir Veterinary Group, Robinsons Scotland Ltd., Kilnford Farm Shop and R.C. Dalgleish Ltd.   The Male and Female Championships were sponsored by John Corrie, and the reserve prizes by Carolyn Fletcher.





As with previous years a large gathering had assembled at the ringside, and the sale proved an interesting mix of extremely brisk bidding in some cases, with others noticeably slow.  The overall clearance rate was 83%.

The heifers got off to a good start, with the first seven lots into four figures, including two jointly achieving the top price for senior heifers of 3,000 guineas.  These were the winner of class 1 in the show, Gruige Orla, and the runner up in the same class, Off the Wall Fanella.  Both went to Hockenhull Farms Ltd.  A third senior heifer also made 3,000 guineas, Dr. O’Conor’s Saltway Harmony, a half sister to his reserve female champion Saltway Lara.  Harmony also went to Hockenhull Farms.  The female champion herself was sold for 2,300 guineas to the same buyer, and other notable sales in the senior heifers included 2,700 guineas for Tim Oliver’s Off the Wall Flower, sold to Hockenhull Farms, and 2,100 guineas for R.K.G. Farms’ Auchengassel Kirsten, which went to G. Johnston.  Overall the average price for senior heifers was 1,740 guineas, an increase of 254 guineas on last year.

A larger consignment of bulling heifers proved harder work for auctioneer Andrew Gold, and this class was the only one where the average was lower on the year, with 25 heifers sold to average 994 guineas, down from 1,421 in 2013.  The reserve female champion, Dr. O’Conor’s Saltway Lara sold well at 2,100 guineas, however, and the top price for a junior heifer was 2,200 guineas paid by Mr. H. Gugumus of Germany for the Landers’ heifer Cairnsmore Heidi.  This Ryehills Elliot daughter came second in her class at the show.  The Cairnsmore herd also had the third and fourth highest priced junior heifers, with 1,900 guineas for Cairnsmore Haley to Mr. R. Oster and 1,600 guineas to Messrs. Tailford.

The junior bulls provided the highlight of the day, with male champion Speddoch Rocky underlining the judge’s choice by going for a breed record of 10,500 guineas to Duncan Maxwell.  A son of Whitepool Neptune out of a homebred Speddoch cow, this outstanding bull helped lift the section average from 2,933 guineas in 2013 to 3,070 this year.

Duncan Maxwell also hit a high spot in the senior bulls, with his reserve male champion Lomond Dalwhinnie achieving the sale overall second highest price of 6,200 guineas to Messrs. Stennett.  Once again, the Landers were notable in this class, with their well-known local show winner Cairnsmore Geordie being bought for 4,200 guineas by Messrs. Handley.

The dispersal of Douglas Crighton’s renowned Broadmeadows herd provided an excellent chance to buy some great genetics, and the figures bore this out, with cows averaging 2,820 guineas and stock bull Clifton Hercules going for 4,000 guineas to his original breeder, Mrs. A. Bell.  The top priced cow at 3,700 guineas also went to Mrs. Bell, while the only bulling heifer in the dispersal went to Mrs. J. Irvine for 2,800 guineas.

A smaller class of White Galloways this year saw only four sold, but prices were nevertheless stronger than last year, with the top price of 1,700 guineas being paid for Tim Oliver’s show champion Melkridge Cara by fellow Council member Max Welters.  The Whites averaged 1,250 guineas, up from 905 in 2013.



Belted Galloways

2014 No. Sold 2013 No. Sold 2014 Top (gns.) 2013 Top (gns.) 2014 Ave (gns.) 2013 Ave (gns.)
Cows 0 6 0 3,300 0 1,337
Senior heifers 15 25 3,000 2,800 1,740 1,486
Junior heifers 25 12 2,200 2,700 994 1,421
Aged Bulls 1 0 1,000 0 1,000 0
Senior Bulls 5 6 6,200 3,500 3,020 2,383
Junior Bulls 5 3 10,500 5,500 3,070 2,933
TOTAL 51 52


Dispersal of Broadmeadows herd of Belted Galloways

Cows 5 4,400 2,820
Heifers 1 2,800 2,800
Young Bulls
2 800 800
Stock Bulls
1 4,000 4,000


White Galloways

Heifers 3 10 1,700 1,250 1,063 905
Cow & Calf
1 - 900 - 900 -