Herd Profiles

Beltie owners worldwide are always keen to hear what their fellow breeders are up to. It can be fascinating to compare notes and find out what makes other breeders successful.

On a regular basis therefore, we'll be producing a range of features on individual herds. We'll discover who’s behind them, where the cattle are and how the herd is managed.

Herd Profiles

- Beanley - Northumberland

- Bigginvale

- Boreland

- Brightenflatt

- Clifton

- Huntfield

- Mochrum

- Muil & Speddoch

- Off the Wall

- Park

- Polbae

- Shelsleys

- Tobergill - Mrs J Taylor - South Ayrshire

- Stonehouse

- Wisley

- Wotton

If you would like your herd featured please send your profile to the scottish@beltedgalloways.co.uk