The Brightenflatt Herd is located at Scaleby near Carlisle, and only 8 miles from the H & H Mart. The Bell family decided in 2011 after rearing sheep for many years that they would like some cattle because they are just so much easier to keep. Having spent many years holidaying in South West Scotland (and seeing what we now know was the Park herd) we were convinced that Belted Galloways were the parkland furniture we wanted to see on our 255 acre lowland farm.

Initially 6 heifers were purchased from the Castlefield herd of Roger Robson. We have had some success with the use of AI with sires Park Perseus, Ballylough Jock, Southfield Major Ronaldo, Bo, and Ridgecap Rufus. Past sires also include Crystal Concord, Park Waverley, Coulmony Ronald, and Cairnsmore Keegan Sport. Our current stock bulls are Delhorn Red Baron (Red) and Lomond Glayva (Black).

In 2014 we began showing our stock at Dumfries show, winning the calf class, and in 2015 we showed at the Cumberland and Gilsland shows. Our heifer Brightenflatt Carolina was the overall Champion at the BGCS Carlisle show and sale in 2016, and at the same event in 2017 our heifer Brightenflatt Daytona was the Reserve Champion Female. At the same event in 2019 we were again successful when Brightenflatt Fort Myers was the overall Champion and Brightenflatt Frisco was fourth in her class.

We attended the Castle Douglas show and sale for the first time in 2019 where Brightenflatt Georgia was second in her class, followed by Brightenflatt Galveston in third. Sadly we are forced to give this a miss for 2020, and our stock is available for sale privately on farm until circumstances improve.

Showing is in the blood in the Bell family: Joe and Natalie's great grandfather had great success showing Clydesdale horses before WW2, a very tough act to follow. We are hoping Natalie's daughter Lucy and son Jack will be the next generation of young handlers!

We have about 50 cattle in total and put about 25 females to the bull. The fully accredited herd is in the CHECS Hi health scheme:

IBR accredited (vaccinated), BVD accredited (vaccinated and monitored free), Lepto accredited, Johnes R1, TB4 parish.

The aim is to produce quiet, easy calving and easy care stock which thrive from grass and not much more. All our bulling heifers are fully outwintered.

For 2021 our bulling heifers will as usual go to AI. We will be using Ridgecap Rufus, Bo, and our latest AI purchase, Southfield Sonny Boy.