Clifton Farm is situated in Dumfries and Galloway, a 200 acre hill farm with wonderful views of the Solway and the Lake District beyond. There is more than adequate gorse for winter shelter, good permanent grazing and impressive craggy granite hills for youngstock and stirks to outwinter and thrive. We moved to Clifton Farm in 1998 when my late husband, Alastair, retired from his Veterinary Practice in East Lothian.

The Clifton Belted Galloway Herd was established in 2002 when heifers and a bull were purchased from The Hon. Flora Stuart at Mochrum. Our friendship with Flora and her generosity resulted in her insisting we have an outstanding heifer, Mochrum Jadee which she hoped we would show. Mochrum Jadee won the Supreme Championship at RHS 2009. Since 2002 we have gradually built up the herd with considerable success in the showring, winning the Supreme Championship at GYS 2012 & RHS 2014 with Clifton Daffodil. I have enjoyed showing the cattle and I hope to continue as long as I can, thanks to significant helpers, including family and grandchildren.

Mochrum Jadee remains an integral part of the herd. In 2011 she produced an outstanding bull calf, Clifton Hercules, who is now one of our Stock bulls, siring calves with outstanding conformation and whose semen has been bought world wide. We also until recently owned the impressive bull, Southfield Major Ronaldo. He has an Australian sire, and has produced wonderful growthy progeny and we have sold his semen world wide.

The bull is half the herd so I have always tried to use the best bull possible. Thinking ahead, I have some very good bull calves by Southfield Major Ronaldo from significant dams, one of which will be a sire to use on Hercules daughters in the future. I know that Clifton Hercules passes on his conformation and excellent belts to his progeny and I am confident that I will be able to keep the best genetics within the Clifton Herd.

We are proud that our animals all have wonderful temperaments and are a joy to work with, especially since my family and grandchildren like to help. Every year sees the Clifton Herd producing stock that fills the eye. We aspire to a high health status and are part of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme and are in a 4yr TB

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