The Huntfield Herd was started in 1995 with the purchase of two females; Boreland Hattie and Broadmeadows Lala. Both animals left us great stock and over the next few years we purchased several more females including Southdown Nuthatch, Boreland Slamettelast, Park Wooser and Broadmeadows Vipa.

We started with the Belties as we ran a bed and breakfast and felt that Belties being indigenous to South West Scotland and very iconic were the ideal cows to have, we also really liked them and had been leant one a few years previously. We have had good fun with them and their offspring - notable Amnesty and Fleur from Lala; Karma from Hattie; Fudge from Nuthatch; Ermyntrude and Lisette from Slamettelast; Miss Money Penny from Wooser; and Opal goes back to Vipa. Since 1998 the herd has been closed other than the purchase of Lullenden Adam who was a great bull.

We attend a few shows with some success. We enjoy getting them ready and showing them off. We try to include a calf in the show team for the ‘Ahhh isn’t it sweet’ factor and then we feel we do our bit to introduce the great British public to some friendly Belties.

During the winter the cows have access to a shed, not because they aren’t tough enough to stay out, but because we don’t have a hill and the fields would get poached. We calf in spring and autumn which works well. We are organic and have been since 1999 and we are BVD, Lepto, and IBR accredited and Johnes disease risk level 1.