Klondyke Farms

As Klondyke Farms were feature in last year’s Journal,  here is a brief résumé of what you will see during the farm tour during the World Congress.

Klondyke Galloways are one of the largest herds of Galloway in the UK, it all started in 2000 when the late Bob Gault wanted to purchase a herd of Pedigree Cattle to supply beef for the farms shops in his chain of Klondyke Garden Centres. Bob decided on Galloway, famed for its tasty meat, the Galloway was well suited to the land and climate on the Maxwellton Estate  which Bob purchased in 1999 and by chance the herd of Marbrack Galloways from Frank Hunter Blair was for sale and Bob was able to purchase the herd in its entirety.

The Galloways have become an profitable part of Maxwellton Estate as there is over 100 head of pure Galloways and nearly 90% of the 550 head suckler herd in now Galloway crosses. Calving is roughly two thirds spring and one third autumn calving with all cattle other than any retained for breeding being finished for beef, which is sold through Highland Meat part of the Dawn Meats Group. Every year 10 Galloway Stock heifers are kept as replacements and the rest are either sold privately or at the Society’s spring sale at Wallets Marts. Pure Galloway Heifers are bulled at 18 to 24 months to various stock bulls and in recent years Scott McKinnon, farm manager and President of the World Galloway Organisation has travelled to Germany to buy in new blood lines.

Klondyke Farms has also seen much success in the show and sale rings, with champion rosettes for Klondyke Gusto, and Klondyke Almond with Klondyke Solution winning Male Champion at The Royal Highland Show in 2014. In the sale ring Klondyke Powerplay was sold for 4000gns to JJ Teare, Isle of Man.

Maxwellton Estates which had 1800 acres, has increased size to 2800acres as Castle Hill farm was purchased in 2001 and Breconside farm in 2005, the land is classed as an upland farm rising to 1000ft above sea level, there is 400 acres of “ploughable” land and 150 acres of cereals grown. The Gault family are always delighted to welcome visitors and are particularly looking forward to welcoming the Galloway World Congress.