Many of you will know Romesbeoch Galloways, they have featured at the major shows and sales for over 50 years. Jim’s Grandfather started breeding Galloway in 1947 and since then they have won all the major awards and trophies. At present the family, Jim, Selina, son Dougie and his wife Tracy run a herd of 25 pedigree at Romesbeoch which is just 10 miles from Dumfries, they also have 150 suckler cows and 575 head of breeding sheep.

The Galloways have always been close to Jim’s heart, it was him who chose the  6 best Galloways from the original  herd  to take Romesbeoch when they moved there in 1965 and  over the years he enjoyed much success, but it was with much heartbreak he found himself starting all over again as the family found themselves having to restock after the  2001 Foot and Mouth disease outbreak.  It was the kindest of family friends John and Seona Chrisite from Lochdochart  that enable the family to  re-establish the Romesbeoch name. Jim also bought a few females from Finlay’s, Blackcraig  and one very special female from Kenneth Hutton from the Doon of Urr herd which has become one of the most famous Galloway cows in the Country Doon of Urr Nerys 27th.

It was in 2003 that the family started exhibiting again and that coincided with the Galloway Cattle Society first National Show, it was with much delighted that Doon of Urr Nerys 27th won the championship, since then the family  have won the national show championship six times in 10 years and Nerys has dominated the show ring with 42 championship awards which includes the interbreed team, team of three and pairs at the 2009 Royal Highland Show. Nerys’ daughters are have just as much success as their mother, as Nerys 1307 an embryo transplant was champion at the National show at Stewartry in 2013 and the Yorkshire show in 2014.

The Ross family have also enjoyed much success this year with another very stylish female, Beauty C1437 of Romesbeoch she secured the Breed Champion award at Scotland’s National Show the Royal Highland Show, the Great Yorkshire Show and Stewartry Show.

It is not only in the show ring the family have enjoyed much triumph in 2015 at Castle Douglas spring sale  the Romesbeoch name secured the fourth highest price for a bull - Windsor of Roembeoch sold for 12500gns to Bernd Schlichterle, Germany.

Romesbeoch which is a low land farm only rising to 400 feet about sea level has  188 acres with another 400 acres rented nearby, along with the 25 Galloway Cows the family have a commercial suckler herd which number 150 head, the cows are mainly Saler crosses which are crossed with a Charolais bull. Both the heifers and bullocks calves are sold store at 12 months old at Wallets Marts, Castle Douglas, where Jim has worked part time for the last 33 years.

Sheep are also run on the unit with 325 Scotch  Blackface ewe which are bred to Bluefaced Leicester and 250 Scotch Mules bred to the Texel. The Mule ewe lambs and finished Texels cross lambs are again sold at Castle Douglas. There is also a small flock of Bluefaced Leicesters which are kept to breed replacement tups.  Jim is a past president of the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders’ Association and one of their four sale inspectors covering the whole of the UK, including Hawes and Carlisle – two of the Association’s biggest sales.

The show and sale ring have always been a family affair, with Jim’s four children Lindsay, Matt, Dougie and Carolyn all enjoying showing the Romesbeoch Galloways and I am sure that will be the way it will be for many years to come as the grandchildren, Hayden, McKenzie, Logan and Lloyd are all very keen to show their grandfather’s Galloways.