Stonehouse herd of belted galloways was established in 2006 as part of the high level scheme (HLS). Prior to introducing pedigree belted galloways into the herd we already had and still have black galloways (since 1974), and commercial blonde.

We have two very different locations, approx 23 miles apart, High Row Farm at Lupton, near Kirkby Lonsdale and Stonehouse Farm in Cowgill, Dentdale, both in Cumbria.

High Row Farm, farmed by the family for over 70 years, with Stan being the third generation, consists of 250 acres of a mixture of land. Up to 35 cattle out winter here.

Stonehouse Farm, bought by Stan and Margaret in 1998 at auction, consists of 500 acres, including 125 acres of limestone pavement at 1800 feet where 15 cattle out winter (HLS). Plus fell rights for sheep on Whernside (HLS), one of the famous three peaks!! We are also able to put 15 cattle on for two months during the summer.

Now, an all pedigree beltie herd consisting of over 60 breeding females, most of which carry the red gene, something that William is keen to focus on. Anyone who has got to know William soon picks up on his passion for the breed, he's a walking, talking herd book as he'll soon tell you the bloodlines of not only his own cattle but yours too!!

Belty bulls, we have used include Bigginvale Monty a b/w bull, Arnside Eclipse a red gene carrying b/w bull, Poplar Nedthered, a r/w bull and our current stock bull Burkes Ruby William, a r/w bull.

In 2010 we started a herd of riggit galloway. Buying our first heifers, Clifton Briar Rose and Clifton Red Beauty from Anne Bell (Clifton), closely followed by more from both Tim Oliver (Revilo) and David Howard (Dunragit) with stock bulls from Jeremy Perkins (Twomills) and Anton Coacker (Sherberton). We now have 20 breeding females plus yearling heifers and calves.

We also have a small herd of pedigree whitebred shorthorn (started 2011), 6 breeding females and a bull. We also use the whitebred shorthorn bull on unregistered belted galloways and up to 10 pedigree galloways to produce bluegrey which we then sell at auction in October/November at specialist sales in Longtown and Newcastleton.

We tend to sell a lot of our cattle privately, demand remains high. We tend to calve from April to August, weaning calves from December and selling them from 12 months old. Bullocks are also sold privately from 9 to 12 months old, often regular buyers. We have been known to export cattle to Ireland and Germany.

We try to breed and only keep cattle with a fantastic temperament, life's short enough as it is! They are a pleasure to work with and taste great too!

4 year TB and all calves BVD tested.

As well as the cattle we have a flock of 500 breeding sheep and 150 hoggs consisting mainly of pure swaledales but also pure dalesbred and pure blue faced leicester. We cross the swaledale with the blue faced leicester to produce mules, the gimmers, usually about 200 are then split and sold at both J36, North West Auction and Hawes Auction. Fat lambs go on a weekly basis to Bentham Auction.

We also have a flock of 12 pedigree Castlemilk Moorits with our first set of lambs due April 2016.

Visitors always welcome. Check us out via facebook or google Stonehouse Herd - Belted Galloway for regular updates.

Stonehouse Herd - Stan and Margaret Richardson and son William and his wife Emma.