North of England Group

Upcoming Open Farm Day - 11 August 2019

Chris and Christine Ryder, Scaifehall herd invite you to an open afternoon on Sunday 11th August at Scaife Hall Farm, Blubberhouses,  LS21 2PL

Details of the farm can be found at

The plan is to have  arrival between 12 and 12.30. A farm tour, a talk from a Society Inspector about Bull inspections, a bull judging session, followed by afternoon tea in the barn granary.

Unfortunately numbers are limited so it will be first come first served.

To book a place please contact Christine on Text 07882 595870 or email

Meeting Report • 24th November 2017

A meeting took place in the evening of 24th November 2017 at the Cafe and shop at Ulnaby by kind permission of Ian Dodds. Over 35 members had braved the dark and unseasonal snow to get there, and it was heartening to welcome new friends and some enthusiastic young members.

Harriet Bunning gave a talk on “How Did the Beltie get her Stripe?” Harriet has her own herd of Galloways in Devon, and is a member of Council. She is currently working for SRUC, and studying for a PhD in Genetics at the University of Edinburgh. She started by running over the basic concepts and terms, reminding us what genotype and phenotype means, that red is recessive, black dominant and dun partially dominant. This was all illustrated with some imaginative slides. Harriet then translated
the findings in a recent paper on belting in cattle. This shows that there is only one gene responsible for a belt and it is dominant. Harriet then paused and asked for any questions and examples from the audience. This prompted some lively discussion, including spotting and no belts.

Harriet then shared the “White Stars” research from Germany on Whites, and the implications for the impending change in how Whites are registered in the UK. It has been shown that their markings are pure Mendalian; therefore all expressions of the markings are on a continuum. She also shared a quick aside on Riggit galloways, and finally expanded her talk to include factors other than colour and markings. She explored some issues that arise when dealing with a small gene pool, showing how concentration on one factor in a breeding programme can affect other features in the animal, such asfertility and longevity. We all agreed with her conclusion that there are few absolute “rules” and much complexity.

** Plans are in hand for a farm visit in late Spring/summer 2018 – date and venue TBC**

Meeting Report • Friday 27th November 2015

The inaugural meeting was held on Friday 27th November to form a Belted Galloway club for the North of England. It was held at Ulnaby Hall, High Coniscliffe, Darlington, DL2 2LT  by kind permission of Mr Ian Dods.

It was very well attended, 36 people in total and 23 herds joined. It was decided membership was £10/ herd. A closed FB group is being set and members will be notified.

Sandra Colbear