Natalie Spedding

I own the Brightenflatt Herd with my father, James Bell and brother Joe Bell, near Carlisle in Cumbria. We have about 40 cattle, and run it on traditional lines.

In my day job, I am a solicitor with Bell Park Kerridge in Carlisle & the Lake District. I advise farmers and other commercial clients on litigation and employment matters.

I am now married to a dairy farmer and hope to sell him a bull soon! I am passionate that Belted Galloway meat should have  a bigger presence  in the commercial sector. Selling bulls to the dairy industry is one outlet for the breed now times are hard, and money from calves is more important. I am sure the breed is too much of a well kept secret when it comes to eating quality, and I will do all I can to promote our end product to a  mass market at hopefully premium prices.  Other native breeds have had it their own way too long. Yes, this does involve big independent butchers and supermarkets, but if our product is popular with consumers, there will be a growing demand. Only with commercial retail success will the pedigree herd grow. If that means retail cooperation with the other Galloway Societies, then I believe we should be first to offer cooperation. We all gain in the end.

We hope our daughter Lucy will be the next generation of young handlers in our family. She will be 1 in August 2016!