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Andrew Pearson

Harleyrigg herd Needing to reduce numbers so a selection from a first time Heifer,or a 3rd calver,2 4th calvers,a7th calver ,a9th calver and a10th calver All in calf due from beginning of April to Urrvale Cosmo. Also 3 Bulling heifers and 2 yearling heifers available by Buffalo Bill 2 year old Bull still awaiting full registration (should be any time soon) By shellseys Buffalo Bill also available.

Herd | Scotland

Langlee Park

Owing to our forthcoming emigration to New Zealand, a small herd of impeccably bred pedigree Belties for sale. 11 cows, 4 years old, in calf for second calving from May to Burnfoot Pioneer (GS Clifton Hercules) - who is also for sale. Wintered well and in vgc. Would prefer to sell as whole but any number considered. Can be viewed at Langlee Park, Jedburgh, TD8 6PB Contact Jonathan Hustler on 07802 862482 or johnny@langleepark.com